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  • Top 5 Men’s Hairstyles

    Men’s hairstyle has evolved over the years. These days, men are becoming fashion conscious as women are wherein they are now making experiments with several hairstyles to get a more attractive look that adds to their charming and appealing personality. Men can choose several...

  • Microsoft Announces Wearable: The Microsoft Band

    The world’s leading producer of computer software, Microsoft, announced their first wearable device, the Microsoft Band shortly after releasing apps for it in Google Play and Mac App. Earlier this month there were number of rumors about the wearable while Forbes reported that the...

  • Getting Ready for Samsung Galaxy S6?

    Since the world has been attracted by the release of iPhone 6, the eternal rival Samsung couldn`t stay in shadow. The Asian manufacturer is rumored to launch as soon as possible, probably in the spring of 2015, a new Galaxy flagship, apparently named Samsung...

  • You Won’t Have a Problem Matching This Season

    We’ve all been there. We have one piece of our outfit set and it’s time to figure out the rest. But finding a matching pair of pants for that detailed silk top isn’t always easy. Luckily, that’s not something you have to worry about...

  • The Latest Kardashian Drama

    Ah, the Kardashians. Whether it’s a new sex tape, divorce, or not-so-shocking five-minute marriage, there’s always something going on with this bunch. The world as we know it loves to obsess over this quirky, always-on family. This time around, the obsession focuses on 17-year-old...

  • Top Android apps for Managing Personal Finances

    Managing personal expenses is a demanding and very important task. With the advent of modern bookkeeping and payment methods, there has been an increasing mishandling and disorganization. But Android developers have addressed this problem by developing many apps for personal finance management. These apps...

  • The Nurse vs. Maine: The fight against Ebola

    A short time ago, nurse Kaci Hickox was in the middle of West Africa, trying to save citizens from the deadly disease Ebola. However, she is now fighting a very different battle here in the United States. According to a Maine official, Hickox was...






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