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  • NFL Quarterbacks of Today Are Incomparable

    At one time, the record held by Johnny Unitas for most consecutive games in the NFL with a touchdown pass looked unbreakable. Some even placed it beside the 56-game hitting streak of Joe DiMaggio in baseball. However, in 2012 Drew Brees passed the 47...

  • The Smartest Way To Travel With Your Tech

      When you’re getting ready to travel, you probably have an entire gang of electronics to come with you- your laptop, your phone, your tablet. And thefts have a field day with travelers and all their fun, free accessories. Here are a few tips...

  • 5 Ways to Recover from a Lousy Workout Session

    If you have been working out for some time now, some days certainly seem to be better than others, and then there are days where you just don’t have the strength to pull it off. Your muscles feel sore, your head just doesn’t budge...

  • Women’s Powerful Blush Pink Color Trend Fall/Winter 2014

    There’s no need for ladies to wait until the New Year to spice up their look. The best time is now to revamp the wardrobe with the latest 2014 fashion trends for the fall and winter season. Although the unpredictable changes in temperature may...

  • North Korea Behind Sony Hack

    …..And the hits just keep on coming. The embarrassing leaks continue to keep coming in the huge hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment. Some of the victims include President Obama, Angelina Jolie, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Kevin Hart, not to mention some embarrassing emails from Channing...

  • How To Browse The Internet Safely

    Internet is a boon. The internet revolution has ushered in an era of change in our lives. It is helping people belonging to all age groups worldwide. Unfortunately it is also attracting people without scruples, who do not miss any opportunity to cheat people....







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