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  • Entertaining Progressive Policy Developments for A Changing America

    As a policy development, freer access to food, healthcare, shelter, clothing and education would increase the standard of living for many struggling Americans. While critics may argue that these policy implementations would require more government and could be accused of socialism, American citizens already...

  • A Curse – The Story of A Boy With Giant Hands

    Deformities and abnormalities have always been a curse for the human race. Unlucky are those who carry deformities since birth and live a life filled with sadness and emptiness. Such is the case of young Kaleem from India, who was born with Giant hands....

  • Second Russian Aid Convoy Labelled a “direct invasion” Into Ukraine

    Another humanitarian move by Russia sent a second convoy of 130 aid trucks across the border into eastern Ukraine, justifying the ‘incursion’ by saying “it had lost patience with the Ukrainian governments stalling tactics.” The Ukrainian government responded to the move by stating the...

  • Autumn Collections Worth Noting

    Now that the autumn season is fast approaching, a new season calls for new trends, new sartorial experimentation, and taking at look at collections worth noting to add to your wardrobe. Cooler weather means more time in your faux fur, luxe leathers, and bold...

  • Tim Howard to take yearlong break from U.S. Soccer

    The hero of the 2014 World Cup for the United States won’t be back in red, white, and blue for a while. Goalkeeper Tim Howard, whose 16-save performance in a 2-1 loss to Belgium is considered one of the great performances in World Cup...

  • Immigration problem still persists in UK

    The so-called invasion of Romanians and Bulgarians in the UK, is still in the international media attention, a fact emphasized by  a publication on the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) website. UKIP warned that Britain will be hit by the 5000 arrivals from both countries...

  • How To Lock Mac From iPhone Remotely [Guide]

    One of the perks of having more than one Apple devices is that they can communicate with each other like no other devices can. Apple’s ecosystem has made it easy to keep the security and entity of the devices for users.You can use one...






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