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  • Less is More … Kind of

    New York Fashion Week is slowly drifting away, but the trends aren’t going anywhere. One trend that was prevalent in most designers’ collections was the bandeau. Model after model walked down the runway wearing a bandeau underneath a variety of t-shirts, sweaters, dresses and coats....

  • How to Travel Like a Pro: Top Tips for Your Next Adventure

    Whether it’s your first time traveling aboard, or you’re headed on yet another destination to check off of your list, make sure you have all your guidelines covered. You should always check in with your doctor and insurance company to make sure you have...

  • 8 Amazing Skin Benefits of Neem Paste

    One of the ‘miracle’ herb that houses an array of benefits in it, neem is rather a special one, being touted as ‘wonder leaf’. While it holds a lot of importance in the ancient study of medicine called Ayurveda, it is scientifically named Azadirachta...

  • The dish: What’s going on with Renee Zellweger’s new look?

    After showing up at Elle magazine’s Women in Hollywood earlier this week, Renee Zellweger had everyone doing a double take and scratching their heads, asking: What happened??????? Photographs of the actress are all over the Internet, displaying an unbelievable different appearance. Her response to the...

  • Sony Xperia Z3v: Don’t settle for good. Demand great.

    Sony’s Android smartphones are really popular in Asia and Europe, but that was never the case in the United States. Even though the Xperia Z models always receive great review grades, most of the companies aren’t even selling them inside U.S because they aren’t...

  • The Traveler’s Survival Guide: Best Tips for Traveling

    Whether you’re headed on an adventrous excursion or looking forward to a warm, beachy vacation, you want to make sure you make the most of your trip! Check out these helpful hints for the next time you decide to go on vacation. Looking to...

  • Accessory Alert: 2014 Jewelry Trends

    Accessories can either make or break your look, and this season’s jewelry trends are challenging fashionistas everywhere. When it comes to jewelry, most of the time the trends match other fashion trends occurring at the same time. For example, if over-sized clothing is in,...






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