Texas Gunman Was Nicknamed ‘the Yubo School Shooter’ On Messaging App

Texas Gunman Was Nicknamed ‘the Yubo School Shooter’ On Messaging App

Salvador Ramos would go on live audio chatrooms & “threaten to rape, kidnap, and kill” people.

On social media app he used, the 18-year-old who killed 10 people at an elementary school in Texas was called “The Yubo School Shooter.”

This week, Salvador Ramos shot his grandma and then killed 19 kids and two teachers.

He didn’t leave a note to explain what he did, but online messages he sent to strangers have been found.

These include bragging about buying the gun and saying in an online audio chatroom which people should “get raped” because they deserve it.

Ramos and 17-year-old girl met on social media application Yubo, that has a feature called “lives” that lets users join real-time audio chatrooms. See Also Trump Defends Second Amendment In Speech To NRA Days After Texas Shooting.

She told Sky News that Ramos might join these chatrooms & “threaten rape, kidnapping, and murder.”

He sent her or other girls private messages and would be mean to them if they didn’t answer.

Valentine’s Day, Ramos texted 17-year-old girl that he would worship her, and when she didn’t respond, he told her to “go jump off a bridge.”

Ramos then found out her real name & phone number and then sent her threatening text message.

He sent a message that said, “Are you going to be asking how I got number?

“Answer me.

“You’ll be sorry if you don’t do what I say.”

His name on Yubo is TheBiggestOpp, so he signed message with that name.

We won’t say who the 17-year-old is, but her story has been checked out.

She decided to talk because she thinks that Yubo could have stopped him from buying guns if he had checked his cell phone first. She is angry that Yubo hasn’t done anything about his behaviour.

The girl said that she and her friends had reported Ramos’ account many times for hate speech & harassment. On the app, they only got answers that were pre-written.

“He would just bother people,” she said. He would say that he would rape, kidnap, and kill people.

“He’d ask, ‘Do you know where I am?’ “Follow me, and you’ll be famous,” he said. He really wanted it to be his claim to fame.

She said that she is shocked but just not surprised when she heard about the attack.

“He was called Yubo’s school shooter,” she said to explain.

“People would meet up and say, “Oh, look, it’s Yubo’s school shooter.”

“He never wanted to get rid of that nickname. In fact, he almost seemed proud of it.”

She still uses Yubo, and she says she loves friends she has made there. She says that people in live chats would respond to Ramos’s rude comments about girls, but she admits that it turned into bullying on app.

“I won’t lie, he was picked on on the app. It’s almost like living in a high school. There are both losers and well-known people. It’s hard to describe. When he joined lives, most people say “Yubo’s school shooter” because he was known for being strange.

“To be honest, I wasn’t surprised by the attack. It’s sad that something could have been done to stop it. It could have happened.”

The girl & her friends are worried that they’d have done more then just report him on app, but the 17-year-old thinks that he could be stopped when his phone had been looked at as part of background check.

“All it would take was a background check, like if someone had listened to the tapes on phone or something similar. It’s crazy that he could buy which gun and walk right into that school. Since we knew he was crazy.”

She also said, “We knew he was a monster long before this.”

“He was never a regular guy. There was never time because we can sit down so he would take off his mask but be himself. I don’t believe it was even a mask. I believe it was really him.”