Trump Defends Second Amendment In Speech To NRA Days After Texas Shooting

Trump Defends Second Amendment In Speech To NRA Days After Texas Shooting

Trump said at the NRA convention that it was “grotesque” that some people were trying to use a deadly shooting in Texas in the week to take away gun rights.

Many Texas politicians & performers skipped a National Rifle Association convention, that started Friday in Houston. This is because the shooting deaths of 19 children & two teachers at Texas elementary school as well as the slow response of law enforcement have made the country sad and angry again.

Donald Trump, who was the main speaker at the NRA’s first day meeting and criticized those who didn’t “show up,” did not choose this. He began by paying tribute to the people who died. He read each name as gong rang offstage. He then went on to talk about a long list of the policies to stop gun violence, some of that have been made less effective by what happened on Tuesday.

Then, when he stopped reading from the Teleprompter, Trump went back to his post election campaign mode. He complained about how the election was “rigged,” insulted President Joe Biden, & served up a word salad that included petty attacks of news and public figures as well as a comment about how the foreign group of people don’t like dogs. It wasn’t clear hn ewhe meant Afghans or Chinese.

Trump criticized Democratic lawmakers who have called for universal background check or stricter gun laws by saying, “We saw a parade of cynical politicians trying to use the tears of crying families to get more control and take away the constitutional rights.”

Some people in our society are trying to use the pain of grieving family to push for stricter gun laws, former president said.

He then listed some ideas that have been suggested after the every mass shooting in the country, such as giving teachers guns, putting an armed guards in every school, and putting more attention on mental health.

Then, Trump went back to comfortable role as the rally leader, talking about everything from gas price to “inner city” crime, border wall, Russia, China, and the problems with “the woman with very red hair who works for MSDNC.” Trump was talking about Jen Psaki, who used to work for the White House and will start working for the MSNBC in September.

Trump had not been seen in public since Georgia primaries, because once GOP incumbent Trump had criticised for not wanting to change the results of the 2020 election beat Trump’s backed candidates.

Trump seemed to enjoy the warm welcome he got from NRA members. Since Trump was protected by Secret Service, no one was allowed to bring guns into the event. Trump promised that the GOP would’ve been back in control of the Congress after this year elections & back in “beautiful” White Houses after 2024 elections. See Also Texas Gunman Was Nicknamed ‘the Yubo School Shooter’ On Messaging App.

While the NRA was having its convention, officials in Uvalde, 275 miles away, were trying to figure out why police didn’t go into Robb Elementary School, where children were dying and calling 911 for help.

Steven McCraw, the head of Texas Department of the Public Safety, said that police made a mistake when they thought the situation had changed from a “active shooter” to a blocked off subject. “In fact, the gunman was still on the loose,” McCraw said at a press conference where he was derided for how the police told the official story responded kept changing.