– A Social Project Aimed at Verifying Professionals – A Social Project Aimed at Verifying Professionals is a new “airdrop” you all need to sign up for. Not all of you will succeed. It’s going to be first come first served.

Indorse explained

Indorse is a decentralized professional network powered by blockchain technology where you own your data and get paid for your contribution.

Indorse is airdropping in their pioneer badge program up to 5 IND tokens for registering on their site and joining Telegram. First 2000 get 5 INDNext 4000 get 4 INDLast 8000 get 3 INDDirections:

  • Create an account on click on ”sign up”
  • Submit your ETH address by clicking on the pen next to your name in ”my profile”
  • Go to Telegram bot and click /start
  • Submit the email you used for signing up at
  • Join Telegram chat 
  • You will now get the Indorse Pioneer badge which you should be able to see on your Indorse profile.This is a real $30 in free tokens. And if you miss out, think about the pre-sale.

Airdrops to play crypto

Remember, Airdrops are the very best way to play crypto. (Picture your bank giving you free money just for looking into a new loan option, or account type.) Followed by buying in phase 1 (if discounted) and lastly buying at a fixed price pre-sale if the model and story are sensible.

The free Steemit tokens we got are now worth $1900 so we hope you all are staying in this game. Jon is an avid airdrop collector and has garnered enough to buy a new Tesla over the past year – it takes minutes a day, and equates to diversification and free money! We think has real utility.  And there is zero risk in free.

If you get involved in the airdrop, tell your friends. Join and participate in Telegram.

You might consider also buying some tokens ($50-$100) in early pre-sale phase. In any case, use the link and get some free tokens while they last.
Read the white paper. Very well thought out concept. Good team. We are going to write more about them. We are hoping to get some direct contact to provide more information.

Changes in crypto

Things are changing in crypto. Not long ago it was common that all ICOs airdropped $1-$5 in free tokens then ran a discounted 2-3 phase pre-sale. 5 mil @ $.01. 10 mil @ $.05 and 3 mil @ $.10. The people who bought in phase one were assured to make 3 to 10 times their money. This promoted the worst in people as they bought and then induced their friends to buy also. Very effective multi-level marketing in most cases.

We are seeing more and more legit models emerge in crypto without multi-phased pre-sales.

Many of newer more legit generation of ICOs are running a single phase fixed price sale. This is as we have predicted and hoped. This new breed is giving us a usable metric to help weed out the bums. Even the companies who manage ICO startups are beginning to have rules and requirements for startups.

In the old days these start-up management companies would launch virtually anyone willing to pay their fees having no regard for viability or credibility.  Things are changing.

Long term for crypto

It bodes well for the actual viability and therefore longevity of this new breed of cryptos that the community itself is imposing a set of standard rules that we hope will become the norm.

While we still see many flaws in the new ICOs, and we would not fully ascribe “Crypto 2.0” status to them, we are seeing a steady move toward the end of the rainbow. and are real crypto 1.5+ models with true promise. was not available for purchase in the US but check it out too. It may be a reasonable investment for many, having both solid management and tech teams.