Lose Tummy Fat Fast – Standard Cardio Is Not The Answer

Lose Tummy Fat Fast – Standard Cardio Is Not The Answer

If you’ve been trying to shed your tummy fat for a while, you may have discovered the traditional ways to do it: three or five times of 30-60 minutes low intensity cardio per week while keeping your heart rate at the pre-defined target zone.

Without a doubt, that will lead to countless hours on stationary bike or treadmill.

Can all of those exercises end your problem

Obviously, the answer is no.

The first reason for this is your body can adapt itself to your regular activities, so after a few sessions on the treadmill, it will made a few “adjustment” and soon you’ll find that your exercise will have very little effect or even no effect at all.

That’s why people that doing steady low intensity cardio will have to increase their duration again and again.

The second reason: human body is designed to perform physical activity in burst of exertion followed by recovery; this is also known as stop-and-go movement.

For example, try comparing a sprinter who focus on stop-and-go exercise and a marathoner who focus on endurance exercise; the sprinter is more lean and muscular looking right?

So, how to lose tummy fat

In every effort to lose fat, focusing at specific spot on your body is a huge mistake; here’s how to do it right: full body training program, high intensity interval cardio, and good eating habit that focus on nutritious foods.

This also applied if you want to shed the fat on other spot of your body; read more about it at how to lose arm fat.

These will reduce your body fat percentage and shed all those excess fat on your tummy and all over your body in general. As a woman, your goal is reach 16-18% body fat as that alone is enough to get you a flat sexy tummy; as for men, they have to attain at least 10% body fat for their six pack abs to start visible.

We did mention about resistance training as the answer for the question “how to lose tummy fat”, but rest assured that you will not get overly bulked up like a bodybuilder.

Besides, women don’t have much testosterone to begin with, so it is really difficult for women to get bulky. The aim of this training is to help you become leaner and muscular while boosting your metabolic rate so your body can burn fat faster.

The training is varied from only using your bodyweight such as bodyweight squats and push-ups to the one that using dumbbell or kettlebell. Remember to choose the weight that provide enough challenge for you for maximum result; don’t worry, you won’t get bulky. Check an idea of a kettlebell complex:

  • One arm swing
  • One arm snatch, keep the bell over head
  • One arm overhead squat

Bell back down to bottom, then one arm split snatch. Bell back down to bottom, then one arm clean and press

The second answer for the question “how to lose tummy fat” is high intensity cardio program.

This is different from typical cardio that do nothing than wasting your time. You will have to put more effort, but the result will pay for that.

One doable high intensity cardio is wind sprints. You need to find an open field or park and try 50, 75, and 100 yard all out wind sprints. You should do this between 6-20 times with either one or two minutes rest after each sprint.

This exercise is aiming to work the biggest muscle groups in your body, increase your metabolism, raising your muscle building hormones, and make the fat burning process even faster.

Of course, there are many other indoor high intensity cardio that can be done at home.

The third answer for the question “how to lose tummy fat” will be good nutrition knowledge. To put it shortly, you’ll need to put these into priority:

  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Proper portion of high quality protein throughout the day
  • Consume enough high fiber foods for appetite control purpose
  • Fat from healthy source such as avocado, virgin oil, nut, seeds, fish oil, etc
  • Unprocessed foods, preferably the one that directly from the nature
  • Foods with high nutrient content

Once you discover the real answer, you can say goodbye to the boring cardio routines that most people believe, get out from your ‘hamster wheel’, and start shed that excess body fat to achieve flat tummy and lean body.